Canyon Day at VeloConcepts

November 11, 2021
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November 11, 2021 Joe C.

Canyon Day at VeloConcepts

At VeloConcepts, we strive to provide truly unique events that educate, inform & entertain.  We have teamed up with Canyon Bicycles, professional cross country mountain biker, Jeremiah Bishop & pro cyclist Eddie Anderson from Alpecin Fenix to bring you a day of riding and informational sessions. Join VeloConcepts & Canyon Bicycles on Saturday, November, 20th for Canyon Day!

The day starts at 1 pm for a sag supported gravel ride and chat with Eddie & Jeremiah about their careers from all sides of the cycling spectrum. Then join us after the ride for a meet & greet & informational session.

In the evening, starting at 5:30 pm, we will host a Q&A with Jeremiah & Eddie. Where we will focus on gravel bike setup, equipment selection and gravel ride planning.

Gravel Bike Setup & Equipment Selection

At VeloConcepts we are always chatting with the pros we work with, so when Eddie arrived at our shop for a bike fit, we went over his bike with a fine-toothed comb. His choice of gravel race rig & tire selection amazed us. Specifically, the equipment choices more closely resembled a road race bike rather than a traditional gravel setup we see amongst our customers.

So these sessions will be a great way for everyone to learn more about the equipment choices the gravel racers make and how these selections might benefit your own gravel rig.

With Canyon onsite at the event (with their sponsored pros) you can learn more about the various Canyon bike models and discuss picking the “horse for the course” along with helping  you understand the spectrum of uses across the Canyon bike model range.

The Impossible Route

If you’re a YouTube viewer, you may have come across Jeremiah Bishop & Tyler Pearce’s (aka The Vegan Cyclist) adventures taking on The Impossible Route(s).

During our evening session you will get to chat with Jeremiah & guest star Eddie Anderson about their most recent 5 day Impossible Route adventure across the state of Montana… Glacier to Tetons. Eddie brings world tour fitness to give context on just how hard the Impossible routes really are.

So join us on Saturday for a day filled with rides, events & learning sessions.

Meet Up: 12:30 pm
Ride Start: 1:00 pm
Distance: ~25 & 45 miles

Meet & Greet: 5:30 pm
Gravel Equipment Selection: 6 pm
Q&A: 7 pm

Route Details

For those of you interested in the ride we have a few great routes for you.

We have both a long (47 miles) and short (31 miles) gravel route planned. And for those of you with a road bike or just wanting to get a taste of the gravel, we have a micro gravel route (23 miles) as well.

Since the ride starts in downtown Culpeper, the gravel routes are 60% paved and 40% unpaved. But there’s just enough challenge!

The micro gravel route features just 2 miles of unpaved and perfect for most road bikes.

Location & Hours

Come visit VeloConcepts in beautful Culpeper, VA. We have some of the best riding in all of Virginia and our shop speaks for itself. While we aren't around the corner, you will be glad you made the trip.