Coffee + Bikes Gravel Season 2020

October 8, 2020
October 8, 2020 veloadmin

Coffee + Bikes Gravel Season 2020

The days are getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to fall and night is coming earlier so that only means one thing… Fall gravel season is here!! Yep, that’s right probably our favorite riding season since it gets us off the usual roads and onto the back, back roads, with lots of climbing (sometimes) a little bit dirty and a whole lotta fun.

This season we will be offering a weekly, socially distanced gravel ride series.

  • Starting this Saturday, October 10th, our Saturday rides will become gravel rides; rides will roll out at 12 pm .
  • Each week will feature something different, ranging from beginner gravel rides to a monthly “epic” style ride.
    • First Saturday of Month: Intro to Gravel Ride, Road Bikes Welcome.
    • 2nd & 3rd Saturday: 1.5 – 2 Hour Mixed Surface Ride, Conversational Pace
    • Last Saturday of Month: Sag supported “epic” style gravel ride.
  • Special “Gravel” events throughout the season: Additionally throughout the fall and winter season we will offer a few additional special “gravel” events, which will challenge and motivate those looking for adventure. More details to come.

So get off the beaten path this fall and join us for one of our many gravel rides!

Location & Hours

Come visit VeloConcepts in beautful Culpeper, VA. We have some of the best riding in all of Virginia and our shop speaks for itself. While we aren't around the corner, you will be glad you made the trip.