Don’t Settle for Half a Bike Fit

September 21, 2019
September 21, 2019 veloadmin

Don’t Settle for Half a Bike Fit

Are you only getting half the picture with your bike fit? Just about every motion capture system used for bike fits only captures half of your body at a time which is why, when we went looking for a new motion capture system, we wanted a full-body, bi-lateral, three-dimensional system. After extensive research and testing, we selected the gold standard in human motion capture, STT Systems 3DMA.

VeloConcepts and STT Systems have entered into a long-term strategic partner-ship, with VeloConcepts becoming STT Systems’ fourth fitting center in the US to leverage 3DMA. With this advanced technology, pro-level fits are now available in the Mid-Atlantic region to cyclists of all abilities.

Full Body Three Dimensional View


With 3DMA, riders are outfitted with 20 reflective dots while high-speed motion capture cameras record the cyclist in real time, under real-world resistance levels. This capture creates a three-dimensional model of the cyclist on the computer which the fitter can play back to review the full-body motion.

Motion Metrics

Over 100 bimechanical parameters

This motion data is then converted into over 100 biomechanical parameters, which calculates left side, right side, and hip/back/shoulder measurements. This full-body analytical model is unique to 3DMA and sets it apart from every other fitting system.

Using 3DMA, the GURU Dynamic Fitting Unit, and gebioMized pressure mapping, VeloConcepts becomes one of the most technologically advanced fitting labs on the East Coast. These technologies, combined with over 30 years of fitting experience, ensures that every cyclist, regardless of ability, receives the very best fit available.


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VeloConcepts offers a full range of cycling & analysis of services.  To learn more check out our service offerings.

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