Drivetrain Clean & Wash Special

August 16, 2017
August 16, 2017 veloadmin

Drivetrain Clean & Wash Special

Recently, Bicycling Magazine posted an article of 5 things that most cyclists do that actually ruin their drivetrain (you can check out the article here). Lack of drivetrain maintenance is something we see all too often, which is a shame since its one of the simplest maintenance items. But fear not, ye with black, gritty drivetrains, VeloConcepts has you covered.

This weekend we are running a special promotion. Drop your bike off and we will remove your chain and cassette, perform an ultrasonic cleaning of your drivetrain and  hand wash of your bike (which is equally as important in proper bicycle care and maintenance), all for a special price of $45.00. We will also inspect your chain, cassette and chain rings for excessive wear and if in need of replacement parts are 20% off (this weekend only).

So get your bike ready for the upcoming Fondo season by having your drivetrain cleaned and serviced with our weekend special.

Location & Hours

Come visit VeloConcepts in beautful Culpeper, VA. We have some of the best riding in all of Virginia and our shop speaks for itself. While we aren't around the corner, you will be glad you made the trip.