Intro to Group Road Riding Clinics

July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021 veloadmin

Intro to Group Road Riding Clinics

VeloConcepts is proud to announce a new bi-monthly clinic, Intro to Group Road Riding.  Geared for the novice or new road rider, our free clinic will show you the finer points of learning to ride in a group.

Our twice monthly clinic will run from our shop and offer a session overview followed by a slow paced group ride around Culpeper.  During the session our coaches will work with each individual on proper paceline technique, including, taking a “pull”, rotating off, closing gaps and proper group riding etiquette.  We will also cover advanced topics (as time allows) on riding a double paceline, echelons and pedaling techniques.

This ride will take place at an average of 14-16 mph on open roads, so please be aware of your current comfort level with riding on the road. Also all riders should be self sufficient in case of flats or roadside repairs.

These rides will meet at VeloConcepts at 6pm on the third Monday of every month.

For more information or questions, please give us a call at the shop.

Our first session will take place on Monday, July 19th at 6pm! We hope to see you there.




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