Rapha DC Clubhouse gRoad & Road Ride

March 9, 2020
March 9, 2020 veloadmin

Rapha DC Clubhouse gRoad & Road Ride

Coffee, bikes & gravel, what better combination is there to for a day on the bike. Join the Rapha DC Clubhouse on March 15th at VeloConcepts for a gravel (optional) and road ride. We have 4 routes planned, two gravel routes (45 mile & 63 mile) and two all-road routes (31 mile & 62 mile). The gravel routes are designed as gravel optional, meaning each of the gravel sections can be skipped for an all road ride.

Ride Details

The ride starts at 9:30 AM on Sunday, March 15th from our shop.  But get there early because before the ride our in-house cafe, 18 Grams Coffee Lab will be providing pastries, coffee & espresso to fuel your day in the saddle.

This will be a sag-supported ride and perfect is for the “gravel-curious” rider since many of the gravel sections can easily be ridden on a standard road bike. While the route is challenging this ride will make for a great day on the bike.

During the ride we will offer several rest stops where you can refuel and grab a refill of your bottle.  Plus our sag vehicle will be staffed with one of our mechanics in case of an unfortunate mechanical issue.

Multiple Route Options

The Queen gravel route features over 35 miles of pristine gravel and almost 5000′ feet of hills you can be sure your legs will feel it.  And even our “shorter” 45 miler gravel route will not disappoint those looking to save a few KJs.

For those a little less adventurous we have two all road options... a 62 and 32 miler.  But rest assured these come with their own challenges too.

Post Ride Celebration

After the ride you can grab a shower and lunch at 18 Grams Coffee lab, where you can celebrate the day with a classic Belgian beer!

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Location & Hours

Come visit VeloConcepts in beautful Culpeper, VA. We have some of the best riding in all of Virginia and our shop speaks for itself. While we aren't around the corner, you will be glad you made the trip.