Are You Ruining Your Drivetrain (or Worse Your Bike)?

August 18, 2017
August 18, 2017 veloadmin

Are You Ruining Your Drivetrain (or Worse Your Bike)?

Recently, Bicycling Magazine posted an article Five Ways You’re Wrecking Your Drivetrain. Read the full article here, but for those of you short on time, check out our excerpts.

Stop This #1: Death By Lubrication – More is not necessarily better when it comes to lube. Only lube when your chain is squeaking, not when it looks dry.

Stop This #2: Ride, Stash & Dash – Are you wiping your chain after every ride? If not, you should be. As you ride, lube makes its way to the outside of your chain, and that lube attracts dirt & grime. So be sure to wipe your chain down after EVERY ride, and wipe it until your rag comes away clean.

Stop This #3 – Hose Aversion – Don’t be afraid to use a hose on your bike. So long as you don’t turn the pressure up to 11 and blast into the bottom bracket, you’ll be fine. Or better yet, have us do it for you.

P.S. for those of you that think a hose is bad, here’s a systematic test on using a hose and pressure washer.

Stop This #4 – The Endless (Unfortunate) Chain of Events – When was the last time you changed your chain? Replace your chain more often than you think, at least every 2,500 miles to eliminate excessive wear on your cassette. Plus this weekend we are offering 20% off all chains, cassettes and chain rings and free installation.

Stop This #5 – Rain Delay – Don’t let your chain rust, be sure to wipe and lube your chain as soon as you return from a rainy or wet ride.

Lastly, don’t overlook washing your entire bike. One thing that most people don’t realize (and we see quite frequently in the shop) is that by not washing your bike regularly, sweat, water, and even energy drinks drip all over your top tube, stem and even cables. The sweat and gunk seeps into the bolt threads and ferrules resulting in seized bolts and cables. Many times these seized items will cause permanent damage to the frame or components. So be sure to wash your bike every 4-6 weeks during the season.

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