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Tackling a Sore Subject: Women & Their Saddles

When we opened our doors back in 2014 we always knew we would be a “fit first” bike shop, and that means tackling some of the toughest fitting problems.  One of the “sore” subjects that we tackle are women cyclists and their soft tissue discomfort.  That’s why we were and still are the areas only gebioMized pressure mapping centers, we take fitting very seriously. gebioMized provides an unparalleled analysis of bike fit and saddle pressure and with the arrival of Specialized’s Power Saddles with MIMIC we can offer our women customers a solution for their discomfort.

Specialized’s all new Power Saddle with MIMIC was developed by one of the world’s foremost experts on bike fits Dr. Andy Pruitt.  Dr. Pruitt developed MIMIC as a multi-density foam that reduces pressure and provides both structural and anatomical support for soft tissue. At the nose, soft foam eliminates pressure. At the rear, firmer foam provides sit bone support. And in the cutout, soft memory foam delivers anatomical support to prevent soft tissue swelling.

However at VeloConcepts we do more than just recommend or even demo a saddle.  We use the best diagnostic and quantitative analysis tool around to analyze the saddle/rider interaction, with our  gebioMized pressure mapping tool.

gebioMized is a thin, flexible film comprised of 64 sensors that wirelessly transmit saddle pressure data to a computer. From this measurement we can analyze the pressure distribution while in different seating and handlebar positions. Allowing side by side comparison of various fit positions, saddles or other changes. This tools provides us the quantitative feedback necessary to ensure the rider has the optimum position on the bike.

Beyond isolating areas of high pressure, gebioMized allows for a full analysis of the rider/saddle interaction.  This tool provides a visual display of how a rider “sits” on the saddle. It allows us to observe not only the pressure on the saddle but how the rider moves on the saddle and to diagnose other issues such as too far, too aft or more importantly not sitting square on the saddle.

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The World's Most Advanced Fit

With the computer controlled fit unit we can quickly and dynamically change your fit as you ride. Want a 5mm lower saddle? How about a 10mm longer stem? Those changes are made via the computer controlled fit bike through its use of small motors that actively raise/lower and lengthen/shorten the touch points. These changes allow us to monitor your fit in real time and provides immediate feedback. Once dialed in we can then use “saved” fits to easily switch back and forth between “fits”.

The DFU is also paired with a smart trainer which applies a consistent resistance and allows us to monitor your effort via heart rate and pedal cadence. This allows us a fit that not only improves comfort on the bike but power output as well.

Guru Dynamic Fit Unit

The gebioMized pressure mapping is part of our next level of analysis services. This diagnostic tool does much more than map saddle pressure, it is our window into your fit on the bike. Through use of this tool the fit professional receives an unprecedented amount of information on the complete interaction between the cyclist and the bicycle. Pressure analysis can assist with resolving saddle pain, low back pain, hand discomfort and many other fit related problems.

By analyzing a cyclists pressure "profile" the fitter can determine where you sit on the bike and make adjustments to your position, by moving you over the bike or the saddle underneath you. The result is a purely custom fit with a tool that provides quantitative feedback.

gebioMized Pressure Mapping

Our fit center uses the latest fitting tools to achieve an optimal fit. But how do you quantify those measurements? The answer is motion capture. The combination of high-quality motion capture systems with a good fit bike is where the magic really happens. Now the rider can be moving under real-world resistance levels and the effect of the effort on the position can be accurately measured.

Our motion capture system leverages a high speed 4K UHD camera and the software allows measurement tools to be overlaid on the videos to quantify motion. Videos can be taken from any angle, so assessment from the front, back, top and side of rider can be made simply by moving the camera.

Motion Capture

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Do you have a group of 10 or more that's interested in exploring new roads & riding areas?
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