Bike Fits: A Tale of Two Shops

All bike fits are not created equal.

Every shop offers bicycle fitting on its list of services. Fitting certifications usually requires less than a week’s worth of training, training that allows someone to hang a “Certified Fitter” shingle on their wall.

They’re not a dime a dozen, but anyone that works at a bike shop can attain one.

But, bike shops with employees that have in-depth education, substantial experience, and real-working knowledge to provide high-quality fits, those are few and far between.

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Don’t Settle for Half a Bike Fit

Are you only getting half the picture with your bike fit? Just about every motion capture system used for bike fits only captures half of your body at a time which is why, when we went looking for a new motion capture system, we wanted a full-body, bi-lateral, three-dimensional system. After extensive research and testing, we selected the gold standard in human motion capture, STT Systems 3DMA. Read more

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