Fit First & Rider Centric

VeloConcepts was started in 2014 as a bike shop that strives to be different than all other bike shops. Many shops just sell a specific bike just because they have them in-stock, rather than select the proper bike for the rider. Well at VeloConcepts, we focus on getting you on a bike that you will not only LOVE but a bike that fits your unique needs, size, riding style and aspirations as a cyclist. We do not take a “one size fits most approach”.

Your Bike, Your Choices

At VeloConcepts, we don’t follow the “popular” model of bike shopping. Every component, every option, down to the handlebar tape is recommended and hand-selected by our staff for your specific needs or fit. We don’t settle for good enough, we want your bike to be perfect in every sense of the word.

Fit First

It all starts with a bike fit! A bike purchase is an investment so we take the time to ensure the bike you’re buying fits YOU. With so many bike manufacturers, model and sizes we break it down and help you select the best fitting bike.

Hand Selected Components

Every bike that leaves our shop is customized to you, the rider. We work closely with our customers to hand pick the right components & sizes.

Service Course Assembly

Most bikes come 90% assembled from the factory, but at VeloConcepts, we break down every bike to ensure its assembled properly & to our standards. Our process ensures your bike leaves our shop, perfect.

Proper Wheel & Tire Selection

Wheels, this is one place most manufacturers skimp. With every bike purchase we work with the rider to determine the best wheel options before the bike leaves our shop.

Experience & Expertise

Every employee at our shop has over 20 years experience in cycling sales & service. And this knowledge translates into an superior buying experience.

Everything Else

Not only do we review & guide your bike purchase but we also evaluate your current clothing & accessories. We review your shoe selection, helmet age, cleat wear, etc. All to ensure when you are ready to roll, you are setup for the best possible experience.

The Mid-Atlantic Region’s
Most Technologically Advanced Fitting Lab

Cycling Analysis & Bike Fitting Lab

Our state of the art fitting lab, coupled with our over 30 years experience performing fits ensures that ensures that every rider gets professional level fits using the latest technologies.
We are central Virginia’s leading fitting lab. And one of 4 fitters in the country that uses a combination of the GURU Dyamic Fitting Unit (DFU), STT Systems 3DMA a full body, three dimensional motion capture system and gebioMized pressure mapping.
Our fitting systems allows dynamic repositioning of the fit while on the bike. Along with 8 individual motion capture cameras and reflective markers we are able to the read cyclist in three dimensions at data at speeds up to 100 frames per second (5x faster than other 3D motion capture systems).

Road Bikes

Whether you are taking on the local road race or just riding the roads for fun, a road bike fit will ensure you have the optimum position for all day comfort and increased power.


Mountain bikes are harder to fit than road bikes, because they face so many competing demands. And your riding style matters and affects bike fit. Get dialed in for the most efficient and balanced position.


Being professionally fit to your bike can save you as much time, if not more, than all of the aero equipment you can buy. Finding the right mix of comfort, power and aerodynamics is the ultimate goal.


Don’t settle for fit videos! Let us help you get setup properly on your bike. Minimize risk for injury, increase power & comfort from a one of our bike fit offerings. Whether that’s in our fit studio or virtually.

Shoe & Cleat Fitting Services

Picking a cycling shoe is more than just trying on shoe after shoe, hoping one will fit. At VeloConcepts we take a measured approach to prescribing the right cycling shoe for you!

Foot Analysis

We begin our process with a comprehensive foot analysis. This step allows us to assess the overall health and mobility of your foot. We understand that foot health is crucial to your cycling performance and comfort, which is why we take the time to thoroughly examine each aspect.

Foot Analysis

We begin our process with a comprehensive foot analysis. This step allows us to assess the overall health and mobility of your foot. We understand that foot health is crucial to your cycling performance and comfort, which is why we take the time to thoroughly examine each aspect.

Foot Analysis

We begin our process with a comprehensive foot analysis. This step allows us to assess the overall health and mobility of your foot. We understand that foot health is crucial to your cycling performance and comfort, which is why we take the time to thoroughly examine each aspect.

Foot Analysis

We begin our process with a comprehensive foot analysis. This step allows us to assess the overall health and mobility of your foot. We understand that foot health is crucial to your cycling performance and comfort, which is why we take the time to thoroughly examine each aspect.

In House Cycling Sports Orthotics Lab

Improve power and foot comfort with custom made cycling orthotics. Our team of specialists shapes a custom molded insole for your specific foot.

Full Custom

VeloConcepts is the only shop in the region that can create custom cycling specific insoles. Our team of specialists can shape the custom molded insole to create a proper channel of support from the mid arch to the forefoot. And can customize the thickness and tilt (varus or verges to adjust for inversion or eversion of the foot).

Mechanical Efficiency

With custom insoles the cyclists feet are supported evenly and consistently in the shoe. The insoles help to ensure that feet, ankles, knees and hips are aligned with the knee centered over the foot. With custom insoles the foot receives proper arch support and improves foot contact with the shoe, improving efficient power delivery.

Pain Alleviation

Cycling puts a tremendous amount of force on a small area of your foot (mainly the ball of the foot). All this force, over and over again, can lead to common conditions like knee, arch or forefoot pain or foot numbness. Cycling specific insoles help alleviate these conditions by aligning the lower leg and foot and provide proper support.

Power Enhancement

Power loss can occur with every pedal stroke due to inefficient transfer from the leg down to the forefoot. Power is most often lost at two points: at the knee due to deflection or in the foot. Without support power is lost in the flex of the midfoot. By creating a fully supported arch, the custom footbed takes the power from where it enters the heel via the tibia and transfers it to the forefoot without the loss of power through mid foot flex.

Fanatical About Service

We are fanatical about details, from unboxing to building your bike to regular maintenance, we go far beyond what other shops do in their “standard” service offerings
We break the stereotype. Our staff always greet you with a smile and all customers receive the friendly service you deserve and expect!

Service & Repair

Proper bike maintenance is often overlooked! Let our highly trained staff of craft technicians that provide your bike the pro level service it needs.
Bike service & maintenance should be more than the once yearly tuneup. Proper bike maintenance is a mix of cleaning, tuning, servicing & maintenance. Which is why VeloConcepts offers several maintenance plan options. Service Plans

Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plan options will keep your bike operating perfectly all season long. And more importantly regular maintenance will prevent larger more costly repairs.
Our pro builds are truly n+1, perfected for each rider. Each is tailored for each body, each aesthetic, and designed to make you & your riding partners lust for this one off creation.

Custom Pro Builds

No other shop has the experience & expertise that rivals our staff of mechanics. So when it comes to Pro Level builds, VeloConcepts is your local service course.

Featured Build

Custom Build OPEN Min.D
A 14.5 pound featherweight disc road bike.
The Perfect Start, End or Mid-Ride Stop
The coffee ride, it’s as ubiquitous as coffee itself. And within the confines of VeloConcepts its one of central Virginia’s top cafes, 18 Grams Coffee Lab.
Our cafe is owned & operated by VeloConcepts and utilize the same attention to detail with our coffee as we do with our bikes. We use a scientific lab-like approach to make the perfect coffee. Our kitchen also features a wide range of seasonal epicurean toasts, healthy starts and locally sourced pastries. Our menu is designed with the cyclist in mind, which makes it perfect for pre or post ride fueling.

Latest News

The latest news from the shop.

As we enter into the fall season, VeloConcepts is pleased to announce the annual Jack Skellington Ride set to take place on November 4th, 2023. This fun-filled and exciting bike ride is the perfect way to celebrate the end of fall and kick off the winter gravel season.

This year’s Jack Skellington Ride is set to be bigger and better than ever before, with a variety of route options designed to test the mettle of even the most experienced riders. Participants can choose from three different routes tailored to their preferences and skill levels. The first route option is the 64-mile road ride that takes riders to Mini Drive and back. For those looking to get off the beaten path, we have added a 58-mile gravel route that is guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping. Finally, for the more leisurely riders, we have a shorter 33-mile road route that will still provide ample opportunity to soak up the beautiful fall scenery.

Now, here’s the fun part! Throughout the routes, we have hidden a bunch of jack-o-lanterns, and the participants that locate all of them will be granted a special prize. But there’s a catch, in order to participate in the pumpkin hunt, riders must have a GPS-enabled computer, a Strava account, and the ability to start a new “lap”. The details of this contest will be announced on the morning of the ride, so you’ll have to be there to find out what it takes to win.

The Jack Skellington Ride at VeloConcepts has become a popular annual tradition, drawing in riders from across the region. This year, we’re expecting an even bigger crowd as more and more cyclists are looking for ways to connect with their communities and enjoy the thrill of the open road. The event is a fantastic opportunity to get outside, get some exercise, and enjoy the company of fellow riders while celebrating the Halloween Weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar for November 4th, 2023, and make sure to join us for the Jack Skellington Ride at VeloConcepts. It promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, fun, and mystery. We look forward to seeing you there!

Greetings, ghouls and ghosts! It’s almost time for VeloConcepts’ annual Jack Skellington Ride, but we’ve had a few last-minute changes that even our crystal ball couldn’t predict.

Due to some unpredictable weather and unforeseen circumstances, Julie (our resident scaredy-cat) has decided that she’s not quite up for a grueling 60-mile ride. So, we’ve made a few modifications to our usual route and reduced the longest ride to a ghastly but manageable 41 miles.

Don’t worry, we won’t be taking any shortcuts to make up for the lost mileage. We’ll still be following the same wicked route as last year, complete with hills that will make your legs feel like they’re possessed by demons.

However, we do have some bad news for all of our adventurous riders out there – we’ve had to eliminate the gravel options this year. But never fear, for we have plenty of bone-chilling terrain to keep things interesting.

And for all of you craving a pumpkin scavenger hunt, we’re sorry to inform you that we’ve had to put that on the back (or rather, burial) burner. But have no fear, we’ll still have plenty of fiendish fun and games to keep you entertained.

Now, we wouldn’t want you to show up looking like a plain old mortal, so make sure to don your best Halloween attire. Whether you’re a zombie on a bike, a vampire in spandex, or a witch on a broomstick, we want to see it all.

And of course, what would a Halloween ride be without some spooky snacks? Bring your most petrifying potluck dish to share with your fellow riders. Just make sure it’s not too frightening that nobody will want to eat it.

So, grab your bike, your costume, and your appetite for terror – the Jack Skellington Ride may have changed, but the nightmare lives on.

Are you looking for a way to kick off the New Year with a bang? Well, come join us at VeloConcepts for our annual 100k ride on New Year’s Day! That’s right, we’ll be riding 62 miles to start off 2024 with a whole lot of energy and positivity.

Don’t worry if the thought of riding 62 miles seems a little daunting – we’ve got you covered. The route is divided into two segments, so you can choose to ride the full 100k or opt for a shorter 35- or 27-mile ride. You’ll start and end each segment at VeloConcepts, which provides a perfect opportunity for a coffee stop and refueling mid-ride.

The ride will start at noon sharp from VeloConcepts, and our newest members of the VeloConcepts Ambassador Team will be leading the way. They’ll make sure everyone can keep up with their own pace and enjoy the ride to the fullest. We’ll have coffee and pastries for a pre-ride snack, and you can register in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Who doesn’t love a good champagne toast? After the ride, we encourage everyone to stick around and celebrate their first 100k of the year with a glass of bubbly and some good company.

The route we’ve planned promises to be exciting, with stunning views of Culpeper and plenty of fresh air to fill your lungs. The first segment is a scenic ride of 35 miles, and then we’ll take a break at VeloConcepts/18 Grams for those who need a pick-me-up before starting the second segment, which is a shorter 27-mile ride.

Don’t forget to bring your A-game, and a positive attitude. We promise you won’t regret joining us for this adventurous ride!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity to kick off the New Year on a high note. The ride is free so, join us for the ride of the year!

Cheers to a fantastic 2024 at VeloConcepts!

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