Peloton Bike Fits
Find Out How Strong You Really Are.

Peloton is one of the fastest growing trends in indoor cycling. But improper setup & positioning can leave some of your effort on the floor.


Virtual Bike Fitting

Looking to take your indoor cycling to the next level but can’t get to the studio? Well a virtual bike it might be your answer. Our fitters were forermly part of Team Wilpers Bike Fitting Team and literally helped write the book on performing bike fits virtually. Our team can make you feel more comfortable on the bike and also help prevent injury & improve performance.

We have worked with beginners all the way up to professionals. We have worked with hundreds of people through our virtual program helping them not only feel more comfortable on the bike but also perform better all from the comfort of your own home.

As part of Matt Wilpers Fitting team and continuing on we have achieved over 1,000 5 Star reviews & over 30 years fitting experience we are committed to only the very best in bike fitting.

In Person Fitting

Our in person Peloton fitting is perfect when you want a little more hands on approach to your bike fit. Using our state of the art fitting lab, we perform your bike fit in person. Our process includes a comprehensive analysis starting with foot & shoe evaluation, physical assessment, riding asssement, fit changes and cleat adjustments

Your fit is done on our computer controlled fit bike which allows us to create any position & make adjustments while you ride. This allows immediate comparison between fit settings

Upon completion of your fit, you will receive a comprehensive report including any recommendations and your new settings for the Peloton bike.

More Than a Bike Fit

We are bike fit professionals backed by one of the leading bike shops in the region. As part of Team Wilpers we have the experience & expertise to help you be more comfortable & powerful on the bike.

Location & Hours

Come visit VeloConcepts in beautful Culpeper, VA. We have some of the best riding in all of Virginia and our shop speaks for itself. While we aren't around the corner, you will be glad you made the trip.